Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can I add an image to my paid listing?
Putting images into your paid listings requires no work on your part. Image Advantage automatically selects images from your site and places them in your listings as a FREE advertiser service. In addition, we'll be glad to change any image for you. Simply contact us and let us know what image you'd like us to use for your ad.

Can I change an image for my ad?
Yes! In fact, you can change your images as often as you want. Don't forget, this service is FREE with your ad. If you feel you have a better or more current image, and would like to change the current selection, simply go to the Change Image link on the Advertisers page and follow the instructions.

Can I recommend an image change if I am not an advertiser?
If you see an image that does not represent an advertisement correctly or is in some way inappropriate, you can contact us and request the image be changed.

How long does it take before my new image is posted?
If you are a registered advertiser, image additions and changes will be posted within 1 business day.

How often can I change my images? As often as you’d like. Some advertisers don't change their images very often but other advertisers see the opportunity to vary their ads or "merchandize" more effectively by changing images frequently. Remember, it is FREE for advertisers to change an image.

Why is there no image for my ad?
There could be several reasons. You may have just joined the ad network or purchased a new keyword from your ad network. Our Agent technology continually looks for missing images. If you want to submit an image to use before our Agents update the ad, simply go to the Change Image link on the Advertisers page and follow the instructions.

Can I control the size of the image?
Yes. The Publisher can specify the size of the images to appear on their web page.

What type of images could be displayed on a publisher's page?
Image Advantage utilizes two primary types of images. The first type is the Product image. The second type is the brand or logo of the advertiser. The publisher may select which type of image is best to display for their particular web page.

Is there online reporting?
Yes, online reporting is provided as part of the Image Advantage. Please contact us so we can assist you in creating an account to view your activity.